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There are situations when a plea deal cannot be worked out. The public urination trial in NYC is a unique trial. There is very little discovery and they are usually finished in about 30 minutes. The police officer will appear before the judge, be sworn in and recite the facts that led him to giving you a public urination summons. He usually does this while he is standing in front of the judge with your present.

After he is finished, you or your attornet can cross examine him on the statements that he made. Then if you want, you can testify and present evidence on your own behalf. If you are planning on taking your public urination ticket to trial, you must have an attorney by your side. The rules of evidence in New York are complex even in a simple matter like this one.

We can call witnesses on your behalf and gather evidence that may have been overlooked. While these trials are short, they should be handled professionally at every turn to give you the best chance of success. If you think you were unfairly charged and want to go to trial, contact The Law Offices of Edward N. Kiss, LLC at 347-219-6991. We will go to trial with you.